The Love Story Journal: Break Your Heart Open


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The Love Story Journal: Break Your Heart Open is an interactive journal designed for the broken hearted to transform their pain into passion through artist-inspired journaling. Inside, there are 40 video interviews of 40 artists sharing about their loss, 40 journaling prompts designed to inspire catharsis, and over 150 beautifully illustrated pages for you to sketch, draw, paint, write, and create from.

About this Interactive Journal:

The Love Story is one of the first interactive journals in the world to address heartbreak through multimedia journaling. We believe that while coping with the pain of grief and loss, one can discover the inner artist in ourselves. We have featured 40 artists who have not only gone through loss, but who have also given their authentic, raw, and honest pain to passion testimonies. We invite you to journal from their stories and submit your journal entries with the love story creative community at Welcome to “artist-inspired journaling,” a new way of connecting, creating, and contributing from heartbreak.

About the Founder and Producer

Mingjie “MJ” Zhai, a former educator, a social entrepreneur, and a suicide attempt survivor, discovered how to transform her heartbreak into creative expression by interviewing people about theirs. While learning how to build a public benefit business lean, MJ made it her life’s mission to encourage, inspire and empower others to turn pain into a creative force for social good.


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